Asterisk Business Edition Launched

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Asterisk Business Edition Launched

Press release from Digium, which develops the popular open source Asterisk solution.

Digium Launches The Asterisk Business Edition The First Open Source Telephony System Geared Towards Business Professionals

Digium Inc., the leader in open source telephony, announced Asterisk Business Edition today, a professional-grade version of its acclaimed open-source PBX for the Linux operating system. Asterisk, the world's first open source PBX, offers a strategic, highly cost-effective approach to voice and data transport over TDM, switched, and Ethernet architectures. Asterisk Business Edition provides enterprise environments with a PBX and telephony platform with the tested reliability necessary for critical business applications.

Digium's comprehensive test program ensures Asterisk Business Edition's reliability, performance, and interoperability with key hardware, software, and protocols. Digium hardware cards are tested for full compatibility with Asterisk Business Edition, as are several select models of servers, VoIP, and TDM devices. All major software features in Asterisk Business Edition are thoroughly tested for functionality and stability. Test bed systems are also subjected to extreme stress conditions using Empirix test equipment to simulate hundreds of thousands of calls in various real-world combinations and configurations. As a result, customers can rely on their combination of proven Asterisk software and Digium hardware will work together to provide a feature-rich PBX system.

With the introduction of the Asterisk Business Edition, Digium gives their customers a choice. Those who want to configure, build, and test Asterisk themselves will continue to have full access to the open source edition, but now enterprise users will be able to save time and money, and reduce risk with the Asterisk Business Edition, proven to work right out of the box after configuration.

"By creating Asterisk Business Edition, Digium has taken open source telephony to the mainstream," said Mark Spencer, president of Digium. "Digium recognizes the needs of the enterprise user to cut costs by using Asterisk, and our new Asterisk Business Edition offers the additional peace of mind that reliability is not compromised with open source software."

Support and Availability
The Asterisk Business Edition will be available from Asterisk resellers and distributors worldwide beginning in Q2 of this year. For more information, please contact or call 1-877-LINUX-ME. Asterisk Business Edition is backed by Digium's professional support team with a 90-day limited warranty, including installation and troubleshooting support. Users can also purchase an optional one-year extended warranty.

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