Asterisk goes Big via Virtual Servers

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Asterisk goes Big via Virtual Servers

According to NetworkWorld, "Digium, the business founded by Asterisk creator Mark Spencer to capitalize on his PBX, says it plans later this year to release a new version that will support much larger deployments. New Jersey-based service provider VoicePulse plans a hosted PBX service based on Asterisk deployed on virtual servers."

Reminds me of my 2006 VoIP Predictions post where I said:
Asterisk (Digium), the open-source IP-PBX gets deployed by a Fortune 500 company. I should point out that I don't mean a small Fortune 500 branch office that installs a single Asterisk server. I'm talking about a Fortune 500 company that installs Asterisk in at least 5 branch offices OR at their main corporate headquarters. This would be major news for Asterisk and another endorsement of the open source movement. Cisco is asked for comment on this young upstart and simply replies, "Cisco is a well established company with reliable, scalable, and affordable VoIP solutions that is committed to its customers and will be here for years to come."

I'm still waiting for that first Fortune 500 deployment. It's now been two years since I made the prediction. C'mon Asterisk, I've been such a faithful follower of all things Asterisk, don't let me down! You can do it!
You can do it!

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