Asterisk@Home 2.5 released

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Asterisk@Home 2.5 released

Looks like a new version of Asterisk@Home is out - version 2.5. I checked Asterisk @Home on SourceForge and they're still listing v2.1, so I'll take Nerd Vittles word for it. Regardless of whether v2.4 is ready for immediate download, Nerd Vittles put Asterisk@Home in great perspective when he said in a post today:

Want a rock-solid PBX at a rock-bottom price: free! Well, it's been two days since our tutorial on AAH 2.4 but here we go again! Asterisk@Home 2.5 has hit the street because of another serious bug-fix release of Asterisk. Now you get version 1.2.4 of Asterisk, and you also get the latest and greatest version of Linux, CentOS 4.2; the latest Festival Speech Engine (1.96); the latest version of the Asterisk Management Portal (1.10.010); the Flash Operator Panel (version 0.24); Open A2Billing; Digium card auto-configuration; NVfaxdetect support; loads of AGI scripts including weather forecasts and wakeup calls; xPL support; the SugarCRM Contact Management System with the Cisco XML Services interface and Click-to-Dial support; plus lots more. And, yes, it still fits on a single CD! more...

Well said Nerd Vittles, I couldn't have said it better myself! And oh yeah, did I mention Asterisk@Home is free? Asterisk@Home's name is a misnomer - sounds like Windows Professional "Home Edition" - a dummied down version of Windows XP Professional that had Remote Desktop removed as well as the ability to join domains. So sure the name sounds like they "dummied down" the features to make Asterisk easy to use, but in fact, Asterisk@Home is like Asterisk on steroids. It has the complete functionality you get with Asterisk and then some. This version isn't simply for Linux noobs. Heck, I may try it myself just because it's a nice turnkey version of Asterisk with lots of scripts and add-ons. B)

Update: I meant to say version 2.4 not 2.5. Fixed.
Update 2: I should have left it 2.5, I was right the 1st time. 2.5 is indeed out. Doh!

You can get the v2.5 files on Sourceforge here.

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