Asterisk's Growth Shines at ITEXPO

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Asterisk's Growth Shines at ITEXPO

Asterisk just may be the #1 transforming VoIP company for the now past '00s "aughts" decade, which is quite appropriate when you consider Asterisk in many respects costs $0 dollars due to being open source. Of course, nothing is truly free in this world. If you download and install Asterisk yourself for your company you still have to pay for the hardware. Further, if something goes wrong and your Asterisk "game" is only rudimentary, you might have to pay for technical support. Companies have to also weigh the TCO of installing it themselves. What if their Asterisk guru leaves the company?

Free or Paid - Asterisk has changed the VoIP landscape forever, spawning off a huge ecosystem of third-party Asterisk solutions and vendors. How does one get to evaluate and see this Asterisk ecosystemall  in one place? Well, ITEXPO has become the strongest communications show to see all these vendors..

For example, check out Rich Tehrani's post on all the Asterisk players exhibiting and participating at ITEXPO. The ITEXPO show is coming up very soon, so if you plan on attending, definitely book a room soon as I'm told the room block is nearly sold out. Of course, I'll be reporting all the Asterisk news and other communications news happening at the show down in sunny Florida.

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