AstriCon Adds to your Asterisk Arsenal

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AstriCon Adds to your Asterisk Arsenal

astricon.jpgThe 10th Anniversary of the AstriCon 2009 conference is next week in Arizona (October 13-15) and it is shaping up to be a great show. For one, AstriCon is sporting 30% more companies in the Expo Hall than last year's conference. The AstriCon organizers have even thrown in some cool freebies to add to your Asterisk arsenal.  All attendees receive three popular Asterisk licenses, including: Skype for Asterisk, Fax for Asterisk, and G.729 for Asterisk.

AstriCon 2009 will be held at the Renaissance Glendale Resort and Spa near Phoenix, Arizona. You can register for the conference at

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Asterisk is something that baffles me. Very confusing but very useful for all VOIP setups. This looks like a great event

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