Becoming an Asterisk guru

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Becoming an Asterisk guru

So you wanna be an Asterisk guru do ya? I bet you wanna be just like this Asterisk Master in the picture. Not the good looking guy on the left - I'm talking about the Asterisk guru himself, Mark Spencer - on the right.

Well, if you're not the self-taught type, or even if you are and just want some expert Asterisk training to "brush up your skills" -- then you may want to check out the TMC University program going on at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo which features Asterisk training. Our last show we actually had a full day dedicated to Asterisk training. According to Rich, the room was at capacity and we had rave reviews on how the session went.

Rich has a detailed synopsis of the Asterisk training sessions going on at the show. So go check it out.

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