Chris Lyman joins the blogosphere

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Chris Lyman joins the blogosphere

Chris Lyman, CEO of Fonality, provider of Asterisk-based solutions, such as trixbox, just stated a blog last week. Chris is not only insightful and knowledgeable of the VoIP industry, he's very opinionated too, which makes for interesting reading.

He's off to a great start with some great posts. One of my favorites is CC your A$$ where he rants about corporate email where everyone CC:'s (carbon copies) just about everyone in the company. This results in everyone chiming in with their opinion or a simple acknowledgment message, resulting in a seeming endless thread of emails over the simplest stuff.

Chris opines, "Everyone and their mother inside of your company is CCing (or multi-TOing) everyone else, also inside your company. They send these spasmodic digital distributions to accomplish three basic objectives.."

Go check out his post for the three basic objectives.

Interestingly, he's BLOCKED Cc'ing internally. He writes "By the end of this week, our corporate mail server (postfix), will be politely rejecting any email sent to me, from anyone else *inside* my company, that is sent to anyone else besides me. If you want me, send it JUST to me and I will OWN it so you can RELAX. "

Wow! And I thought I was anti-spam.

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