David Duffett AstriCon 2012 Keynote [VIDEO]

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David Duffett AstriCon 2012 Keynote [VIDEO]

Everyone in the Asterisk community is familiar with David Duffett. He is the Director, Worldwide Asterisk Community at Digium and Founder, CTO at TeleSpeak Limited. With a British accent and British humor to boot, David is not only knowledgeable on Asterisk he's also entertaining to watch and listen to. He cracked a joke about how slow PolyCom phones are to reboot. Yeah, I've griped about that too. 65s for a PolyCom IP 650 is ridiculously long.

Anyway, check out his AstriCon 2012 keynote (technically a short speech, some gifts given to Asterisk community members, including Ward Mundy/Nerd Vittles, and then an introduction to the next speaker SugarCRM's Clint Oram) below:

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