Digium launches Switchvox Free Edition

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Digium launches Switchvox Free Edition

TMC's Greg Galitzine has the goods on Digium leveraging their Switchvox acquisition right out of the box by offering it for free. Damn, that was fast! Digium just acquired Switchvox at the end of September. Hmm, how did Greg find out about this and not me? Maybe I've been bumped off of Digium's top tier press contact list for Superman vs. Bizarrocomparing Digium vs. Fonality as Superman vs. Bizarro? It did spark some controversy including an interview of Mark Spencer in an article titled "Bizarro VoIP: Is it evil? Do you care?" over at Techtarget.com, which has some interesting & heated comments at the bottom. Or Greg's scoop could just be that Greg was proactive about contacting Digium. No matter, I'm not bitter or anything.

Well, I'm not going to steal Greg's thunder about what the Switchvox Free Edition includes, so go check out his article.

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