Digium Wildcard TDM2400 24 port analog card launches

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Digium Wildcard TDM2400 24 port analog card launches

Digium announced the Digium Wildcard TDM2400 which they claim provides the highest analog density available (24 ports) in a PCI card. Well, are they truly the highest analog density? Sangoma, their main competitor also offers a 24-port analog PCI card. So technically the Wildcard TDM2400P isn't the "highest" - it's equally "high" with the Sangoma card. I guess you could consider them both the "highest" analog density, but if both are the "highest" than who is lower? Anyway, certainly worth sharing the news...
Wildcard TDM2400P provides highest analog density available in a PCI card.

Digium Inc., the creator of Asterisk and pioneer of open source telephony, today launched the Digium Wildcard TDM2400, the most dense and scalable card available for building an Asterisk-based telephony system for SME and SOHO environments.

The 32-bit 33MHz PCI 2.2-compliant card combined with Digium’s patent pending VoiceBus™ technology supports quad-FXS and quad-FXO interfaces for connecting analog telephones and lines through a PC, without taking up numerous PCI slots.

With its flexible scalability features, our 24-port card is the best hardware card available for small and medium businesses looking to build an inexpensive, sophisticated VoIP telephony solution without compromising the use of multiple PCs.

The Wildcard TDM2400P replaces the requirement for a separate channel bank and T1 interface cards while offering superior echo cancellation on both FXO and FXS interfaces. The quad-FXO and quad-FXS modules are interchangeable allowing the combination of interfaces up to six slots for 4-port FXS or FXO modules. With this new card, small and medium businesses can benefit from features such as high density in fewer PCI slots, and an industry standard 50-pin Amphenol connector for easy installation.

Support and Availability
The Digium Wildcard TDM2400P is available from Digium and Asterisk resellers and distributors worldwide. For more information, please contact sales@digium.com or call +1-256-428-6262. All Digium products are backed with a two-year limited warranty, including installation and troubleshooting support. Users can also purchase an optional one-year extended warranty.

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