Druid 1.2.0-3 Launches

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Druid 1.2.0-3 Launches

Today, Druid 1.2.0-3, an open source Asterisk-based solution was launched. (Check out my full review of the Asterisk-based Druid platform for some background.) Here's a screenshot of their web-based front-end that makes it easy to manage their version of Asterisk:

Vikram Rangnekar from Druid shot me off an email saying they have some great new features in Druid. Figured I'd share some important excerpts of his email that explain the news:

In the two months since its been out, We have had a little over a thousand downloads. I'm more than satisfied with how the community is growing we have around 400 people on the forums a little over half of them are quite active, We have a lot of people posting bugs, suggestions and many people actually using Druid OSE in their organizations.

We have a few people porting the Druid RPM's over to Gentoo and SuSE.
We are still finalizing the SOAP API but we have added a ton of new cool stuff. In this latest version we've added full multi-lingual and lozation support and I'm really thrilled with that. I always wanted Druid OSE to help Asterisk adoption grow, I don't think any feature can quite help in that regards like language support can.

When I say full multi-lingual, I mean every single label, tooltip help, calender/time widget, Table, Button now has language support. You have to see it to understand how cool this is. Another cool thing is multi-lingual support is entirely done using Dojo and javascript not Gettext.

In that regard Druid is somewhat like the Asterisk GUI since its entirely in Javascript/HTML and only communicates with the backend PHP using Json-RPC. Which makes developing on Druid so much easier (No more PHP in HTML)

On the commercial front Navin has recently released a beta of our Blackberry client which uses our SOAP API to allow people to control their call routing options, check voicemail/fax, call records, click to call directly from their Blackberry devices. I would love to get Navin to tell you (show you) more about this. We are also working on an Android version of the same for the open source community to experiment with.

You can checkout the latest Druid OSE release on our demo server, Please try the Chinese language :) http://demo.voiceroute.org

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