Fonality reaches 4 million Asterisk calls

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Fonality reaches 4 million Asterisk calls

Quick news release to share from Fonality. It follows the McDonald's & Skype marketing model of listing benchmark numbers - in this case 4 million calls on the popular open-source Asterisk PBX. The open-source Asterisk platform continues to make remarkable strides...

Fonality, the leader in affordable IP-PBX systems for small businesses, today announced that 4 million calls have been placed by users of its PBXtra phone system since it became available in October, 2004. PBXtra is now deployed by hundreds of small businesses, with thousands of lines, in the United States and beyond. Currently, Fonality has more than 400 resellers selling PBXtra in more than 40 countries.

“Fonality was first to market with an Asterisk-based PBX, shipping PBXtra even before Asterisk 1.0 was available,” said Chris Lyman, Fonality’s founder and CEO. “We are the market leader and continue to grow at an extremely rapid pace because PBXtra is addressing a huge unmet need in the small business market for feature rich phone systems that are affordable and easy to use.”

Unlike alternative Asterisk-based PBX offerings, which are simple front-ends designed to make it easier for Linux and Asterisk consultants to install and manage Asterisk, PBXtra is a full-featured PBX application for small business customers who want the capabilities of an enterprise-class PBX for their business phone system, but couldn’t afford one before. PBXtra provides enterprise-class features such as telecommuting, branch office support, voicemail-to-email, click-to-call, VoIP, support for IP and analog phones, and advanced call center functionality. Plus, PBXtra supports native Asterisk protocols such as inter-office AIX and advanced dial-plan support.

“We’ve been working with Fonality since 2004 and have watched them grow rapidly in the marketplace,” said Mark Spencer, creator of Asterisk and founder and CEO of Digium. “Their experience serving large numbers of customers and high call volumes has provided us with valuable feedback for product enhancements which support the growing Asterisk movement.”

PBXtra is available from Fonality or through a Fonality reseller.
Pricing starts at $995 for PBXtra Standard Edition server, $2,988 with ten phones. PBXtra Call Center Edition server is $1,995. For more information about PBXtra or becoming a Fonality reseller, visit or call 877-366-2548.

About Fonality
Fonality is the leading provider of affordable IP-PBX systems for small businesses. PBXtra Standard Edition delivers all the advanced features of an enterprise-class phone system at an affordable price, and is so easy to use that it eliminates expensive phone support and configuration costs. PBXtra Call Center Edition provides call center functionality in addition to the PBX functionality found in Standard Edition. PBXtra is deployed to thousands of business users in the U.S. and other countries.
Fonality’s products are available direct and through a network of more than 400 resellers.

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