GDS Voice Conferencing Solution for Asterisk

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GDS Voice Conferencing Solution for Asterisk

Today GDS released GDS Voice Conferencing Solution for the Asterisk platform. GDS Voice Conferencing is a feature-rich enterprise voice conferencing solution built on top of native Asterisk MeetMe application. Amazing how many third-party companies are now developing applications for Asterisk. Indeed, within the VoIP industry we have the Skype Economy, and now we can add the "Asterisk Economy".

Here is a short overview:

  • Multiple conference types (scheduled, recurrence, reservation-less)
  • Intuitive web interface for conference management, personal contact management, user management and system administration
  • Manage conference attributes like announce user leave/join, wait for marked user and associate contacts and its roles within the conference (listen only, admin mode etc.)
  • Monitor live conferences (mute/un-mute participant, kick out participant, lock conference, view on line participants and its attributes etc.)
  • Integrated personal contact management for simple invitation and notification
  • Import existing contacts
  • User roles based privileges
  • Port resources management (TDM and VoIP)
  • Recurrence and conflict conferences management
  • Automatic email notifications and reminders
  • API for integration with third party applications and more

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