Gizmo supports Asterisk

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Gizmo supports Asterisk

Some great news from SIPPhone, developers of the Gizmo Project announcing support for the open-source Asterisk PBX... The "Asterisk economy" continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

check it out:

SIPPhone today announced the delivery of Gizmo Project 2.0, highlighted by its support for Asterisk PBX software. Giving Gizmo Project users the ability to log into Asterisk means they can now be universally reachable via their Asterisk PBX or directly through the Gizmo Project network. The option to seamlessly receive calls from their office PBX while anywhere in the world leverages Gizmo Project's advanced NAT (“network address translation”), firewall and router traversal features and server infrastructure. More information about Gizmo Project 2.0 with Asterisk support may be found at

The benefits of using Asterisk to power an office PBX can be significant in terms of cost savings, efficiency and access to features previously only available to large businesses. Using Gizmo Project as an office softphone lets users easily place calls without the burden of special VoIP phones or the expense of traditional phone call charges. Incoming calls to an office PBX will reach mobile workers anywhere in the world. Gizmo Project also provides such high-end features as voicemail-to-email, free conference calling, call history, free access to millions of people on SIP-based networks, and built-in instant messaging (IM) capabilities.

“Whether a company is focused on a completely free Asterisk PBX installation or is running a premium version, Gizmo Project is now the ideal softphone for use with any size deployment,” said Michael Robertson, Chairman and CEO of SIPphone. “Our experience at routing millions of calls through almost any network setup means that mobile computer users can be reached anywhere as if they were physically in their office. Plus, companies save money with low domestic and International calling rates using Gizmo Project,” Robertson concluded.

Companies around the world deploying the Asterisk PBX software, premium PBXs developed by such companies as SwitchVox, Epigy, webFones, or any other SIP-based PBXs can now easily use Gizmo Project for making and receiving calls. Specific information about setting up Asterisk for use with Gizmo Project 2.0 may be found at

The free Gizmo Project software for Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows and Linux computers delivers crystal clear VoIP calls. Gizmo Project uses licensed, best-of-breed audio codecs such as GIPS and employs media relays around the world to route calls through the most efficient path. Gizmo Project also routes calls through one of several phone partners which provides for the lowest possible per minute International calling rates. PC-to-PC calls are always free.

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