Leslie Conway Joins Digium

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Leslie Conway Joins Digium

Just two days ago I highlighted the connections between Adtran and Digium. They're both located in Huntsville, Alabama, Mark Spencer worked at Adtran, their current CEO Danny Windham came from Adtran, etc.

Thumbnail image for leslie-conway.jpg Well, today Rich writes about Leslie Conway, who also comes from Adtran, joining the Digium team, thus adding to the Adtran/Digium connection.

Rich writes:
Over the years, Mark Spencer, the founder of the company transitioned from CEO to CTO and during the transition Digium tapped Adtran for talent as needed. Adtran was an early investor in Digium and this may have been one of the smartest investment decisions a company can make.
Well said, Rich...

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