Nerd Vittles Delivers some Asterisk Christmas Goodies

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Nerd Vittles Delivers some Asterisk Christmas Goodies

Just last month, PBX in a Flash launched. Well, Nerd Vittles aka 'Santa Claus for Asterisk', has been busy in his workshop building and adding features to PBX in a Flash. Well Nerd Vittles has finally put on his Santa Claus hat today to deliver some Christmas goodies a wee-bit early. (14 days early to be exact.) Oh and if you're looking for the top Christmas gifts of the year, check out Amazon's list of top gifts.

Nerd writes:
Text-to-Speech Returns! If you've been following Nerd Vittles for a while, you already know that our favorite applications for any telephony server are text-to-speech apps. The idea behind all of these applications is that you can pick up a phone to find out the same information that you could obtain with a web browser, or a television, or a radio... only faster as in instantaneous. These applications also free you from the home sofa. You can dial in for the information using almost any telephone from anywhere in the world. Well, that was the theory. For those that have endured the last year of kitchen-sink Asterisk implementations, you also know that text-to-speech was the first casualty in the migration from CentOS 4 and Asterisk 1.2 to CentOS 5 and Asterisk 1.4. Well, guess what? We've finally resolved the choppy sound glitch and text-to-speech and Flite are back with PBX in a Flash, and soon we'll have support for other text-to-speech applications as well.

So Gift #1 is the return of TTS for PBX in a Flash, an Asterisk-based distro! Gift #2 is that Bluetooth is back! According to Mr. Vittles, the other casualty in the migration to CentOS 5 and Asterisk 1.4 was Bluetooth support. Gift #3 is the return of some powerful weather reporting by airport code, zip code, and city code. But Nerd isn't done with his Asterisk goody bag. Nosiree Bob! He also threw in AsteriDex (a Rolodex type app) and Yahoo NewsClips for Asterisk. Gift #4 is the launch of a script repository ( for easily downloading/installing applications. It's a happy early Christmas indeed! The only thing Nerd Vittles (Santa Claus) forgot to deliver was the Coca-Cola that all the Asterisk lovers will need to stay awake (caffeine fix) playing with Flash in a PBX.

Santa Claus Chimney Coca-Cola

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