New Digium IP Phones Up Close

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New Digium IP Phones Up Close

I got to see the new Digium IP Phones up close - sort of. I ran into Digium's Steve Sokol in their ITEXPO booth and proceeded to ask Steve about these new IP phones. I asked him if they were developed internally (yes) or white-labeled, where they were being built (China), and a few other questions.

I was about to ask him to see a demo when a Digium employee interrupted and asked Steve to give a demo to two attendees standing a few feet away. Steve left me to give them the demo. Uh hello? Where'd ya go? It's not like I'm a member of the media or ever write about VoIP products or anything. ;)

Its all good though. The exhibit hall was busy and loud, so it's possible Steve said something to me and I just didn't hear him. Besides the exhibit hall is open tomorrow and Friday, so I hope to get some hands-on with these phones then. Stay tuned. In the meantime here's a couple photos of a small section of their large booth where they were demonstrating the new phones:

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