PBX Prompts for Asterisk and other open source PBXs launches tomorrow

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PBX Prompts for Asterisk and other open source PBXs launches tomorrow

Garrett Smith informed me that Sayers Media Group tomorrow will launch PBX Prompts. What is PBX Prompts? It's pretty much what it sounds like. PBX Prompts offers a variety of standard voice prompt packages for Asterisk and other open-source systems such as Fonality, SwitchVox, and Pingtel, as well as custom voice prompts for IVR or voicemail. So why would you need prompts for Asterisk and these other solutions when they already come pre-loaded with prompts? Well, according to PBX Prompts, "Based on our experience working with a number of Asterisk resellers, integrators, and consultants, we found that there was a need for highly quality direct replacements for the standard Asterisk voice prompts. Out of this feedback, we have created PBX Prompts."

Recorded in professional sound studios, PBX Prompts’ standard, advanced, and custom voice prompts has no minimums and a quick 72 hour turnaround. "We are currently launching with full sets of voice prompts for Asterisk based phone systems in Spanish and English (NA & UK), in both male and female voices. We will soon be launching prompts in French, and over the next few weeks, we will be launching prompts packages specifically for Fonality, SwitchVox, Pingtel, and other phone systems. In addition to our standard packages, we also offer custom packages, for companies in need of non-standard prompt recordings, such as auto-attendant and voice mail greetings."

Wow, high-quality voice prompts on open-source solutions like Asterisk? First the Asterisk gurus groaned over adding a nice professional GUI to Asterisk (instead of staying with the geeky command line) and now professional prompts for Asterisk? Before you know it, installing a professional-grade version of Asterisk will be so simple anyone can do it. Heck, soon Asterisk will be so simple and easy to install, you can even install it on just about anything - say an on an Apple TV or on a Linksys router. Oh wait, that's been done already. ;)

“Over the past two years, we have heard over and over again about the difficulties many small medium businesses and value added resellers have had finding high quality professional voice prompts for Asterisk Open Source PBX systems,” said Garrett Smith, Director of Sales and Marketing for Sayers Media Group. “Based on these experiences we have created PBX Prompts with the help of these very same companies in order to deliver on a simple, easy to use, ordering interface and installation process for those who want an alternative to the default Asterisk voice for their phone system.”

PBX Prompts is currently offering voice prompts packages for Asterisk systems featuring male and female voice talents in English (NA), English (UK), and Spanish languages. PBX Prompts plans on launching additional languages, such as French, German, and Japanese, in the coming weeks. Prices for the current voice prompt packages for Asterisk systems range from $49.99 for select standard voice prompt packages for Asterisk systems featuring over 500 voice prompts, to $129.99 for advanced voice prompt sets for Asterisk systems that feature over 600 voice prompts. From now until May 1st, PBX Prompts is also offering FREE voice prompt packages for Asterisk systems that contain 100 of the most popular voice prompts for Asterisk.

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