PIKA WARP Appliance Adds BRI Support

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PIKA WARP Appliance Adds BRI Support

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PIKA Technologies announced today the release of a BRI expansion module for the PIKA WARP Appliance. The PIKA WARP Appliance is a very flexible hardware telecom appliance that can run various flavors of Asterisk, including native Asterisk, Schmooze, trixbox CE, and others. They even support FreePBX, the popular front-end GUI for Asterisk. They support FreeSwitch as well.

PIKA's BRI module supports two ports and four channels, allowing the WARP Appliance to reach a total port density of four ports and eight channels when two BRI modules are installed. BRI is very popular in Europe and is very commonly used in the SMB space, making the WARP Appliance a suitable option.

Check out my PIKA WARP Appliance for Asterisk review for more details on this flexible piece of hardware.

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