QueueMetrics launches new features

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QueueMetrics launches new features

QueueMetrics is a popular call center monitoring application that works with the Asterisk IP-PBX and featuring over 150 quantitative metrics to see what is happening in your call center(s). Some of its main features include the ability to view a detailed report of call center activity, down to each call on each queue, and run reports by single queues, or by user-created queue groups, both on inbound and outbound traffic. You can also listen to recorded calls and see activity statistics and duration by call stage, with daily, hourly (or shorter), weekly breakdowns. Today, QueueMetrics 1.41 was released adding several new features.

Here's what's new:

- New editors for users, classes, queues, agents, locations, call outcome codes and pause codes. They are paged and allow full-text searching. (Bug#198).
- Original position when joining queue is now tracked and new graphs are available. (#225)
- Wildcards available for queue names: the wildcards act by selecting all defined atomic queues or members of (#48)
- Schedule adherence: tracking how many distinct agents have been on the phone during a time slot in Call Distribution graphs (#56)
- The peak and average queue lenght is displayed in the Call Distribution page (#210)
- On the agent configuration detail page, the set of queues the agent is a known member of is shown (#71)
- It is now possible to do live call listening of outgoing calls as well as incoming ones, by using a different section of the dialplan (#182)
- It is possible to have "invisible" queues, i.e. queues that cannot be selected from the main page but used by the wildcard expansion system. (#234)
- Queues can be "autoconfigured" based on the data available in a MySQL partition.

Here's a sample screenshot of the interface:
QueMetrics Call Center Monitoring

Finally, a number of smaller bugs have been fixed in 1.4.3:

- Bug #71: Now showing the queue association on the agent's detail configuration page.
- Bug #55: Sometimes far too many calls would be shown on the agent's page. Now maximum is the latest 20 calls.
- Bug #221: The configuration wizard would sometimes crash with some malformed files.
- Bug #205: The agent detail popup would show an error on IE
- Bug #206: When running in cluster mode, technical errors on a cluster partition would be silently "hidden"
- Bug #218: The realtime.all_subqueues setting in the default RPM was wrong
- Bug #226: The queues selected in for the wallboard mode whould have to be passed in lowercase. Now case insensitive.
- Bug #227: The "custom report" page would sometimes crash complaining a "missing view".
- Bug #230: IAX2 channel names would nbot be stripped correctly.
- Bug #238: The CPH calculation was based on Contacts without including Sales. Now correct.
- Bug #55: No more than 20 calls are now shown on the agent's page.

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