Sangoma shipping the A102d dual port E1/T1/PRI Asterisk card

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Sangoma shipping the A102d dual port E1/T1/PRI Asterisk card

Sangoma Technologies Corporation, announced today that the A102d, a dual port E1/T1/PRI card with carrier-grade echo cancellation is now shipping. Although Sangoma's cards work on a variety of applications, the most popular is using Sangoma hardware on Asterisk PBX servers. (See my Asterisk Sangoma test drive article)

The A102d includes the same digital processing and PCI/PCI Express technology as the four-port A104d card and is intended to provide the benefits of hardware-based echo cancellation and voice enhancement for smaller, two-port T1/E1 installations at a lower cost. The A102d also supports DMF encoding/decoding and tone recognition, voice quality enhancement and adaptive noise reduction.

"The A102d was developed in response to the continuing demand for a small capacity, low-cost E1/T1 card with telco-grade echo cancellation," says Sangoma Technologies president and CEO David Mandelstam. “As an integral part of Sangoma's AFT design family, the A102d inherits the compatibility, enhanced performance and reliability of its siblings."

The A102d supports PBX, IVR and VoIP applications, such as Asterisk, Yate, FreeSwitch and many proprietary telephony projects.

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