Slacht - Asterisk-based PBX chooses PIKA

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Slacht - Asterisk-based PBX chooses PIKA

PIKA Technologies today announced a reseller partnership with Slacht, a division of Irish software and telecoms services company, Tuxenergy. Slacht will utilize PIKA boards in its Asterisk-based PBX (as opposed to Digium, Rhino, Sangoma, or other Asterisk compatible hardware).

Slacht spent over two years developing a wall-mounted Asterisk-based IP-PBX phone system  PIKA worked closely with Slacht to assist with integrating the InLine, PIKA's low-density analog board, and the company's Digital Gateway Board, which provide Slacht's customers a reliable integration to the PSTN, with solid echo cancellation.

"We could see right away that PIKA offered solid technology," said Kevin Buckley, Managing Director, Slacht. "It supported our open-source technologies of choice, Asterisk and Mandriva Linux, and it offered echo cancellation, something the other vendors we looked at did not feature. Best of all, the price was right."

I have some further thoughts on this news, which I can't get into right now, but I will post a follow-up blog post hopefully later today. Trust me, it will be interesting...

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