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Switchvox IP-PBX


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Now I'm up to 3 new IP-PBXs I never heard of that I discovered in just one day! I hope this is the last IP-PBX I hadn't heard of this week. Feels like my IP-PBX knowledge and "VoIP IQ" is going down by the second!

I just got this email an hour ago from Joshua Stephens, the CEO of Switchvox where he mentions that he has a pre-installed, easy-to-use "plug and play" IP-PBX based on Asterisk.

Ok, before the day is out, anyone else want to try and test my IP-PBX trivia? Go ahead and send me a link to an IP-PBX I never heard of. C'mon, I dare ya!!

Anyway, here's the email from Switchvox with some useful info...

I thought I'd let you know about our new product.

Switchvox is our All-in-one PBX based on Asterisk. As you noted in your review of OnDO, Asterisk is not known for being easy to set up. That's where we come in. Switchvox comes pre-installed and any hardware you might choose is pre-configured, as are any phones you purchase. It's not just Asterisk installed and configured though, there's an extensive Web interface for controlling and configuring all aspects of the system. Some of the features that you might find interesting are:

Interactive Voice Response - A point and click interface exists for recording new sounds, uploading sounds, and tieing those sounds together with numeric options (press 1 for sales) to build any interactive menu you might need. The actions the IVR is capable of performing are so numerous it's hard to get into it here.

Queues - Set up Queues to make sure callers get answered, and answered in the right order. Users can log into or out of the queue, when they're logged in they get calls.

Advanced call routing - We can, depending on your connection to the PSTN, route your calls to particular extensions based on the phone number dialed, the line it came in on, or in the case of providers that support it, based on the distinctive ring pattern provided.

Programmable interface - For people a bit more technical, we allow users to write web apps on their own servers for serving up data to people through the IVR. For example this might be used to allow an IVR menu in Switchvox to pull up people's accounts and read their balance back to them.

Flash Switchboard - We have written a flash interface that talks back to the server, allowing users to see who's calling them, place calls on hold, park calls, send calls to voicemail, and create conference rooms. This can help make a simple one line phone seem like a multi-line office phone.
Additionally, if one is provided by an external server, we can send a URL to the person answering the phone. For example, this URL could be a page displaying the caller's account.

We have a more detailed list of features on our web site www.switchvox.com as well as a few screenshots. Check it out. If you have any questions, be sure to let me know. We have a demo server set up, if you're interested in trying the software.

We'll be at the Linux Desktop Summit in February, if you're in town, stop by.



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