trixbox 2.0 webinar

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trixbox 2.0 webinar

Boy, I'm on a tear writing about Asterisk-based solutions the past couple days. :) In any event, wanted to point out that SmithOnVoIP mentioned to me that Fonality is offering a free webinar on trixbox 2.0, which covers "the basic aspects and features of trixbox." Installation and troubleshooting are two of the more interesting topics. I should ping Chris Lyman, CEO of Fonality and tell him to work with some of our TMC sales staff in marketing Fonality's trixbox webinar. TMC has the best list rentals in the VoIP industry since we have the most qualified readers due to ITExpo, Internet Telephony Magazine, Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine, etc.

TMC actually partners with vendors to offer webinars hosted by TMC. Not sure how much TMC charges, but I do know we often bring >100 people to some pretty obscure webinars.

Of course, the free publicity I just gave this trixbox webinar will probably give Chris a "bump" in his webinar attendees. ;)

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