trixbox Buyers Club Launches

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trixbox Buyers Club Launches

Rich Tehrani has an interesting scoop on his blog about the trixbox Buyers Club, part of Fonality's marketing angle to promote trixbox, an Astrerisk-based IP-PBX. Essentially, the trixbox Buyers Club offers discounts on 1,200 products,  including VoIP phones and even technical support, which will reside on the online trixStore. The trixStore provides competitive pricing on a wide selection of VoIP hardware and the additional Buyers Club discount is available to all registered trixbox users and resellers.

A portion of each sale is reinvested in the company’s ongoing support of the trixbox community.  Let's see, buy VoIP phones from Fonality's trixStore and Fonality uses a portion of those funds to reinvest in trixbox's community and development.  I'm confused - doesn't Fonality do that already? Seems a bit gimmicky to me to drive customers to their VoIP store. Nevertheless, my wallet sure could use a really cool neon green trixbox Buyer's Club card to match the trixbox appliance. ;)

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