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trixbox Training

trixbox trainingtrixbox is a popular Asterisk-based IP-PBX solution. Although trixbox is meant to be easy to install via a bootable CD, there is still a lot to know about configuring and optimizing trixbox for the most optimal experience. Whether it's configuring hunt groups, or configuring SIP settings for IP trunks you might want some help from the experts.

That's why TMC is hosting trixbox training & certification at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo, which is only 10 20 days away. Even though I've been playing with Asterisk-based solutions for years, I may check out the training sessions just to brush up on my skills.

In fact, the trixbox training & certification sessions are taught by none other than Kerry Garrison, trixbox Community Director, with support from Andrew Gillis, the trixbox Founder, as well as the trixbox Support team. The training is broken down into two types: Fonality trixbox Open Communications Certification (FtOCC) Administrator and FtOCC Technician. FtOCC Administrator is a three-day course designed to teach the basics of trixbox CE and Pro installation and administration. FtOCC Technician is a three-day technical certification course designed to train resellers and consultants to support their clients running trixbox CE, and trixbox Pro.

Like the registration page says, FtOCC is a great opportunity to roll up your sleeves and learn the ins and outs of trixbox Pro and CE. ITEXPO is only 10 days away, so if you attending and were thinking about the trixbox certification I suggest you reserve your spot now - I know the limited number of seats are almost gone.

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