Worldwide weather forecasts on Asterisk-based trixbox

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Worldwide weather forecasts on Asterisk-based trixbox

Nerd Vittles is not only an Asterisk junkie, he's a weather junkie too. Nerd Vittles is at it again with a tutorial on how to receive worldwide weather forecasts on the Asterisk-based trixbox IP-PBX software platform. It retrieves the weather info from a website and then allows you to dial into the trixbox server to retrieve weather information using text-to-speech.

Apparently, it is one of the most requested features that Nerd Vittles receives. Personally, I just head over to via any browser. Or if I'm not on a PC or browser-capable cellphone, I can use WAP - available on just about any cellphone to retrieve weather from Yahoo or other Internet sites. But who am I to judge people who need their weather fix by any means necessary? Go check out the tut.

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