WYDE Voice Launches Asterisk-based Conferencing Appliances

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WYDE Voice Launches Asterisk-based Conferencing Appliances

WYDE Voice, a new startup venture backed by FreeConferenceCall.com founder and CEO David Erickson, today launched voice conferencing appliances that support wideband 16-bit, 16 kHz voice quality. The VM1000/3000 uses the iSAC codecs to deliver wideband audio that is better that traditional phone due to the wider audio spectrum used. The appliance actually uses the Asterisk platform, and can deliver 500 – 7000 concurrent G.711 calls or up to 3000 iSAC calls per chassis. The number of participants in a conference and number of conferences is limited only by the number of available ports. This scalability gives conferencing service providers and enterprise organizations the capability to deliver high-quality, high-capacity audio conferencing. VoIP protocols supported include SIP, H.323, IAX, and MGCP. It also supports SDP, RTP, and Secure RTP.

The two new appliances, available now, are the VM1000 model (starting at $160/port) and the VM3000 model (starting at $140/port). WYDE Voice claims this is a fraction of the cost of competitive bridges - no doubt leveraging the free open source Asterisk platform played a role. Preset modes such as reservation-less conferencing are installed on each appliance and can be customized to meet business needs including specialized call flow or advanced features such as real-time conference control.

There is a 500 port entry level system in a 2U chassis and a 3000 port system installed within a single Compact PCI chassis. The appliances are built using Asterisk and WYDE's custom DSP-based media processing module. Some nice features include: Instantaneous active speaker update, real-time conference control via SIP, and Web service API for integration with 3rd party applications or sites.

What can't you do with Asterisk?

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