AstriCon Party - Last Shuttle Out Sure is a Rowdy Bunch

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AstriCon Party - Last Shuttle Out Sure is a Rowdy Bunch

Everyone seemed to have a great time at the AstriCon Conference Party which took place at Fat Cats, a bowling alley and video game establishment. The last shuttle left around 11:35pm and it sure was a rowdy bunch (but in a good way). Fellow co-worker Alan Urkawich was ribbing me from the back of the bus while I was riding in the front. We had some back and forth ribbing and some of the other shuttle bus riders joined in and joked with other passengers as well. The shuttle only had to drive like 1/4 of a mile so it was a short trip, but I got the feeling if there was alcohol on the bus, the merry bunch would have stayed. smiley-laughing Instead they de-boarded and many headed to the bar in the Westin hotel. To commemorate this last shuttle bus from the "diehard" AstriCon partiers I give you these two shuttle photos I took. (in pitch dark by the way using my iPhone 4S with flash on) Enjoy!


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