'Look Ma, No Hands': Bluetooth Converts?

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'Look Ma, No Hands': Bluetooth Converts?

Just read a CNET blog about Bluetooth converts in Cali, due of course to their "no cell phones when driving" lbluetooth logo.gifaw (at least meaning that it can't be in your hand).

That blog discusses an ingenious way to use Bluetooth and your cell phone in the car.

Was wondering if anyone has become a Bluetooth convert in CT now that we have the cell phone law here, too.  Or how about in other states, too, like New York?

I'm pretty attached to the wired headset feeling, but have had serious thoughts about using Bluetooth -- although now there is even more discussion about cell phone radiation and the like for close to head or in-ear use.

What's a boy to do? Although "look ma, no hands" is pretty cool ...

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