Blackberry and CRM

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Blackberry and CRM

It seems I can't go to any public place for at least an hour without seeing at least one Blackberry device - especially airports. Blackberries are known for their excellent email capabilities, however third-party developers are adding additional functionality as well, including CRM / contact management integration. All the Blackberry needs now is VoIP (instead of cellular) capabilities and it will be even more of a killer app/platform.

Check out this news release from Vettro which adds support to the Blackberry for and CRM applications:


Latest Edition of On-Demand Mobile Service Offers Increased CRM Functionality on BlackBerry and Windows Mobile Devices

NEW YORK -- November 15, 2004 -- Vettro, a leading provider of mobile enterprise applications, today announced the availability of Vettro RainMaker 4.0, a complete mobile solution for users. Vettro RainMaker 4.0 delivers superior filters and customization options for to allow companies to transform mobile devices into a powerful selling tool.

Vettro RainMaker is an on-demand mobile customer relationship management (CRM) service that arms professionals with the ability to access, update and act upon critical business information via BlackBerry® from Research In Motion (Nasdaq: RIMM; TSX: RIM) and Windows-based mobile devices. In real-time, Vettro RainMaker leverages the sforce on-demand platform to synchronize information across mobile devices, helping field workers close deals faster, manage pipelines efficiently, improve productivity and decrease response times. Additionally, full access to product, case and solution features extends the value of to field service organizations and makes Vettro RainMaker 4.0 an ideal mobile CRM service.

New features in Vettro RainMaker 4.0 include user-defined views and reporting capabilities that allow field sales representatives to efficiently and effectively prioritize sales activities. A powerful user interface displays an entire day's calendar for the end-user, designed to improve productivity and customize specific needs. Users can also initiate phone calls and send emails from the application's contact records while relying on the SmartLog feature to ensure automatic logging of all activities.

In addition, complex data is quickly and easily loaded onto handheld devices, thanks to a new robust query toolkit. Finally, a new layout option allows organizations to replicate the same desktop-friendly information across mobile devices.

"Vettro RainMaker 4.0 was specifically designed to satisfy the demanding needs of today's mobile professional, enabling them to out-think and out-sell the competition," said Joe Rymsza president and CEO of Vettro. "By combining the power of a desktop application with the mobility of a handheld device, sales forces are armed with all available resources needed to close the deal. At the same time, organizations stay in-lock-step with activities in the field, making for a unified and informed workforce."

Like its previous versions, RainMaker 4.0 requires no additional infrastructure investments and can be installed completely wirelessly in a matter of minutes. The new version will automatically replace previous versions of the software, and all existing customers will be upgraded to the new platform.

About Vettro
Vettro mobile applications transform wireless phones and handhelds into powerful, enterprise-connected computing devices. Vettro unlocks the value in existing enterprise systems and generates quantifiable business improvements for field service, mobile sales, and fleet operations. Backed by premier carrier and hardware partners committed to delivering enterprise-class offerings, Vettro's mobile applications have been selected by industry leaders including BostonCoach, SuperShuttle, Clemson University, Hitachi Data Systems, Textron Financial Corporation and PMI Group. For more information, visit

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