DMA Makes a Buck on Dead People

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DMA Makes a Buck on Dead People

The DMA wouldn't try and make a buck off of dead people, would they?
Well, according to MSNBC, DMA, the nation's largest direct marketing group set up a deceased Do Not Call List registry Thursday to remove dead people from its telemarketing, e-mail and direct mail lists — for $1 (aka a "buck").

Now granted the DMA claims this $1 fee is to prevent fraud - that is friends or family signing up other people to the deceased Do-No-Call List - thus they charge a credit card $1 to ensure a valid phone number is being added.

What I don't get is why you can't simply add your name to the National Do Not Call List for FREE?

Besides this $1 fee doesn't prevent fraud. What if I use each of my 13 credit cards to add 13 phone numbers of all my friends and family? That'll be the best $13 I ever spent on them — and the best Christmas gift I could give!

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