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GoldMine 6.7

Gee, FrontRange just sent me a demo copy of GoldMine v6.5 a few weeks ago for a product review and already Goldmine v6.7 is out! I feel so outdated... GoldMine 6.7 launched

I spoke with FrontRange a week or so ago and they are really pushing their developers hard to crank out new features. More importantly, they told me they truly value customer feedback (such as feature requests) and try hard to add them into the next release.

In fact, TMC uses GoldMine and further I even sent FrontRange's technical group a "feature request" email. Here's an excerpt of what I emailed FrontRange:

We’ve always wanted the ability to create specific groups for each sales rep (by territory) so the sales reps can just Activate their group and work solely within their group, not bothered by other records they don’t care about.

The problem is that when they bring up the Search window and search for a company, the Search window searches within the entire database and not within the activated group. So if they search on say IBM, they’ll see IBMs from all over the country and not just their territory.

There should be a check box in the Search window called “Search only within Activated Group” that is on by default (or remembers last setting).

Maybe add this feature to the next release and call it the new feature the “Tom Keating Advanced Search feature”?

They responded that they would look into adding the feature and the "naming rights". GoldMine 6.7 launched

Here's the news release:
GoldMine Corporate Edition 6.7 Accelerates Delivery of Advanced CRM; Advanced Solution for SME, Distributed Enterprise Markets Maps to FrontRange Vision
GoldMine Corporate Edition 6.7 Accelerates Delivery of Advanced CRM; Advanced Solution for SME, Distributed Enterprise Markets Maps to FrontRange Vision

PLEASANTON, Calif. --(Business Wire)-- Nov. 3, 2004 -- FrontRange Solutions USA Inc., a global leader in Service Management and CRM solutions for the Small-to-Mid-size Enterprise (SME) and Distributed Enterprise (DE) markets, today announced the availability of GoldMine(R) Corporate Edition 6.7, the latest version in its award-winning CRM product portfolio, and a module in the upcoming FrontRange Sales, Marketing & Relationship Management product family.

Based on valuable customer feedback and mapping to FrontRange's vision, GoldMine 6.7 is the latest in a series that offers increasingly accelerated, enhanced user experience and provides greater benefits from rich functionality. The solution can scale from one user to larger sales organizations while allowing organizations to manage customer relationships in the way that best fits their business.

"Our focus is providing customers with a CRM solution that not only offers greater productivity to help them better meet their business objectives, but one that provides customer relationship continuity from small business to the distributed enterprise," said Michael McCloskey, FrontRange Solutions CEO. "GoldMine 6.7 reinforces our commitment to supporting our individual-to-enterprise customers with a solution that is easy to install, customize, use and maintain while raising the bar in the CRM market."

GoldMine enables organizations to implement best practices for sales and marketing programs, including obtaining Return on Investment (ROI) metrics. GoldMine's specific metrics proof points include allowing sales and marketing professionals to view forecasted sales against marketing programs, as well as closed sales as a result of these programs. The software also enables users to track and analyze customer responses to identify effective campaigns.

Bob Ritter, CEO of, a FrontRange Premier Elite Partner, believes feature functionality within GoldMine 6.7 answers market needs with benefits that allow sales and marketing teams to forecast sales against marketing programs and close sales as a result of these programs.

"GoldMine drives enormous cost savings for our customers, which also considerably enhances our own success," Ritter said. "The new 6.7 solution delivers more choice and capability to customers according to their needs with additional interoperability with mobile solutions and support."

At the heart of new GoldMine 6.7 is the drive to provide products that are built as a "best fit" solution for SME's and Distributed Enterprises that work seamlessly with new complementary products and services. Enhancements in GoldMine 6.7 include:

-- Advanced Palm PDA Integration
-- Record Typing enhancements
-- Query By Example tools
-- Enhanced API/integration tools
-- SMS/Text messaging
-- Softphone support

By engaging customer and partner feedback, FrontRange continues to deliver high-quality products and services. GoldMine Corporate Edition 6.7 is available through a network of over 1,000 FrontRange Solutions partners, as well as several retail, catalog and on-line stores.

About FrontRange Solutions

FrontRange Solutions USA, Inc. is a leading international provider of Service Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions that have been used by more than 130,000 companies and over 1.7 million users worldwide to automate and manage IT projects and customer-facing initiatives.

A leader in consolidated sales and service solution suites, FrontRange established its reputation with two award-winning products: the GoldMine(R) family of solutions for business relationship management, team-based contact management and sales forces automation; and, the HEAT(R) solutions for complete service management, including Help Desk, Knowledge Management, Asset Management and Service Level Management.

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