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Goldmine 7.0

GoldMine 7.0 has just been released by FrontRange.

Of note, GoldMine 7.0 is more tightly integrated with the VoIP software that FrontRange now offers, for call center operations. TMC uses Goldmine 6.7 for its internal sales database, guess it's time to upgrade! ;)

FrontRange Solutions Releases GoldMine 7.0 Corporate Edition

Latest version of FrontRange award-winning software delivers broader integration with external systems, enhanced workflow tools and higher performance
DUBLIN, CA (November 15, 2005)GoldMine 7.0 Corporate Edition - the latest version of FrontRange Solutions award-winning customer relationship management (CRM) software - delivers broader integration with external systems, enhanced workflow tools and higher performance to help small- to medium-size enterprise (SME) users raise the personal productivity of their sales and marketing teams and, therefore, increase their organization's profitability.

GoldMine 7.0 was released for general availability late last month and is being distributed through FrontRange Solutions Partners worldwide for upgrades and new installations.
"This latest release of GoldMine makes one of the world's best CRM software even better," said Kevin J. Smith, Vice President of Products for FrontRange Solutions."GoldMine 7.0's broader integration, enhanced workflow and higher performance continue our tradition of delivering enterprise-class functionality at a low total cost of ownership for small- to medium-size businesses."
"No other CRM product offers the robust functionality of GoldMine at its price point," said Bob Ritter, President of First Direct, a top FrontRange Partner whose organization beta tested the software."We expect upgrading to version 7.0 will increase the productivity and collaboration of our sales & marketing teams, which in turn will help us increase the company's profitability.Our investments in GoldMine always yield high returns."

GoldMine 7.0 provides more integration capabilities that enable viewing external sources of data, "plug-ins" for existing enterprise systems and tight integrations to other powerful FrontRange Solutions products.The latest version also offers more workflow tools that simplify and accelerate common tasks related to contact records, such as scheduling appointments and activities.In addition, release 7.0 features a new database architecture that provides greater stability and faster processing for remote users, which has become a critical performance factor for today's increasingly mobile and distributed workforce.

New benefits and features of GoldMine 7.0 include:
" Broader Integration with External Systems such as other databases, back-office systems, web sites, and the FrontRange IP Contact Center.
" Enhanced Workflow Tools for increased productivity without sacrificed ease of use.
" Higher Performance from the new Active X Data Object architecture, a state-of-the-art technology that empowers remote users.
The new version of GoldMine follows many accolades collected in 2005.

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