Passes 200,000 Subscribers

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Tom Keating
| VoIP & Gadgets blog - Latest news in VoIP & gadgets, wireless, mobile phones, reviews, & opinions Passes 200,000 Subscribers sent me a package today containing a letter that states, "It took
four and a half years to reach 100,000 subscribers. Just 16 months later,
we are proud to tell you that we have surpassed 200,000 subscribers."


They informed me in the letter that their subscriber numbers and financial results are scheduled for February 17th. If I remember, I'll try and post the numbers here in my blog.

To commemorate passing the 200,000 subscriber mark, included 100 Grand... 100 Grand chocolate candy bars that is. Though I don't know why they just didn't send two 100 Grand candy bars. 100K + 100K = 200K, right? Instead they sent me 9 chocolate 100 Grand candy bars! Maybe they were afraid I'd think them too cheap if they only sent two?

And oh, by the way, this is just great!! Now how am I supposed to remain an objective journalist when ironically I am in the middle of reviewing the application for an article within Customer Interaction Solution Magazine? Chocolate is the one thing that can turn a so-so review into a glowing review! I cannot resist chocolate. So if you want a positive review, just send me chocolate.

I am kidding of course. No amount of chocolate can taint my objectivity, or turn a bad product review into a good one. But it can't hurt to send me chocolate anyway, right?

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