Swearing Can Get You in Trouble with the Boss

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Swearing Can Get You in Trouble with the Boss

I just received this story pitch for Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine discussing how their technology has an "emotion detection" capability, so if an agent raises his voice or swears at a customer, a call center supervisor can be notified.

Scary concept considering how monitored the agents already are. I would NOT want to be a call center agent, I'll tell you that. If you have the ability to make personal calls, you'd better not start any arguments with your spouse or else have your conversation flagged for playback by the supervisor. It was an intriguing concept that I thought was worth sharing.

Here was the pitch:
Ever wonder what the person on the other end of the line is doing? Are they really focused on helping you? Or, are they saying "uh, huh…uh huh…yeah…yeah" while playing solitaire - or instant messaging - or (shudder to gasp) surfing the web for, er, for diplomatic purposes, let's just say "explicit sites". Just when you raise your voice they start to pay attention.

Customer service is very important - No matter what industry you are in.

NICE Systems recognizes this concept and has redefined the call center and addressed the concepts to taking customer service and consumers requests to the next level.

Basically - a call that comes into a call center (using NICE Systems technology), prints out like a lie detector! If a caller is angry or upset, the manager of the call center can see it immediately on screen!!!

Next time you call your bank, cable or phone company or any other call center and lose your cool, a manager on the other end will know about it before your anger hits its peak. And your call will be not only recorded, but saved for training purposes and corporate analysis. Emotion detection is the latest technology from NICE Systems www.nice.com (NASDAQ: NICE), the world leader in telephone call digital recording systems, serving 67 of the Fortune 100, including 10 of the top 10 banks, capturing 50 million customer calls per day. (Anytime you hear "This call is being recorded for quality assurance purposes," chances are NICE is recording that call.)

When your voice hits a certain decibel level or if you use harsh or foul language (or the name of a competitor), NICE's call monitoring system will issue an alert to call center managers that there's a problem. This can bring speedier intervention by a manager -- and swifter resolution of your issue. Why? Companies spend a fortune to acquire customers, and they'll do everything they can to hold onto them.

Like all recorded calls, your angry call will be digitized and stored on a server, where it can be batched with other angry calls, searched by keyword and emailed as a sound file among company managers. The idea? Find out what makes callers angry -- and address it system wide. The results can have great influence in changing business practices, learning about what is working and what isn't and to get a sense of quality of operations.

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