APC's Universal Notebook Battery: Goin' Mobile!

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APC's Universal Notebook Battery: Goin' Mobile!

You know from an earlier blog that I’m a big fan of American Power Conversion’s (APC) power availability and protection solutions.

Wanted to update you on its new Universal Notebook Battery 65 Wh (UPB60), which was introduced earlier this year along with its Universal Power Adapter and Power Port Accessory.

The Universal Notebook Battery is a thin, lightweight, portable notebook battery that provides up to six hours of runtime, depending on a computer’s size and configurations. And yes it really is lightweight, weighing only 1.64 lbs. or 0.75 kg – what a relief from other earlier models that often seemed to weigh more than the notebook itself!

Easy to set up, with a voltage selector switch and LEDs that indicate remaining power capacity, it is ideal for long business trips or charging the notebook’s battery when AC power is not available. It’s perfect for long coast-to-coast flights or for flights that take on epic proportions due to flight delays and missed connections, which are becoming all-too-common.

It comes with a wide selection of tips to fit notebooks from practically every leading brand, including Acer, Apple, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, HP Compaq, IBM, Mitac, Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba. My Dell Inspiron 600M needed a special tip, which is available free from the company. My takeaway: An essential tool for anyone going mobile with their notebook (and isn’t that what it was intended for?)

Estimated resale price: $149.99.


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