Apple Celebrates 30th Anniversary Tomorrow

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Apple Celebrates 30th Anniversary Tomorrow

No, this isn't an April Fool's Day joke.

Apple Computer will celebrate its 30th anniversary tomorrow.  Really hard to believe that! But for all of you doubters, take a look at, which offers an exhaustive look at all things Apple. (Yes, there is more to Apple than the iPod.)

Here's an excerpt from the very first entry, looking back 30 years, at the very first product (hard to call it that now), the Apple I:


  • CPU: MOS Technology 6502
  • CPU Speed: 1 MHz
  • FPU: none
  • Bus Speed: 1 MHz
  • Data Path: 8 bit
  • Onboard RAM: 8 kB
  • Maximum RAM: 32 kB


  • VRAM: 1 kB
  • Max Resolution: 60.05 Hz, 40x24 char


  • Codename: ?
  • Power: 58 Watts
  • Introduced: April 1976
  • Terminated: 1977

The Apple I was Steven Wozniak's first contribution to the personal computer field. It was designed over a period of years, and was only built in printed circuit-board form when Steve Jobs insisted it could be sold. It debuted in April 1976 at the Homebrew Computer Club in Palo Alto, but few took it seriously. The Apple I was based on the MOStek 6502 chip, whereas most other "kit" computers were built from the Intel 8080. The Apple I was sold through several small retailers, and included only the circuit board. A tape-interface was sold separately, but you had to build the case. The Apple I's initial cost was $666.66

(Picture Credits: Barkley Anderson, Apple Computer, Inc.)

Lots of great material about all things Apple at  Don't miss it!

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