Bigger Is Better Notebooks Are Coming

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Bigger Is Better Notebooks Are Coming

I thought notebook computers were supposed to be small (hence "notebook" in the first place).

Well, according to eWeek Magazine, Dell, Acer and Samsung are testing the waters for super-sized laptop computers that look more like briefcases than notebooks.

Driven as much by technology as demand, these new notebooks with 19- and 20-inch LCD monitors are looking for an audience -- high-end gamers, not mobile executives?

Acer was displaying its 20-inch mega-model this week in Taipei at Computex, the world's second largest computer show, while Dell was also targeting high-performance aficionados when it announced the release of its 20-inch laptop model last week (that's the one in the photo). Samsung's model comes with a detachable screen so that users can hook it up to their desktop monitors. Prices? Not cheap -- try $2,700 to more than $5,000

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