Dell Does (A Little More) Retail; Dell Dude, Where 'R U?

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Dell Does (A Little More) Retail; Dell Dude, Where 'R U?

Seems like Dell, which defined a new direct sales ("pay for it and we will build it for you") model is now moving away from that a bit with more retail presence.

Apparently, Dell is adding to their kiosk presence in various spots, but will not actually sell products from these larger retail spaces (don't want to copy the failed model of the Gateway stores, I'm sure).

Failing to meet Wall Street expectations is behind this latest move -- retail customers will still have to order online and buy a Dell (sure they want move away from all of those HP and other computers begging to be bought at Circuit City, Best Buy, etc.).

BTW, whatever happened to the Dell Dude? (Clue: Adweek blogs have a not-entirely up-to-date update.)

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