Dell Does Recycling Right! F-R-E-E

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Dell Does Recycling Right! F-R-E-E

Now we really have something good here with Dell’s announcement of its no-charge recycling program for U.S. customers. Let's just call it was it is -- free! The magic URL is

(About time this got here -- Dell has offered a no-charge recycling program for Dell-branded products in Europe since November 2003 and currently offers no-charge consumer recycling in Canada.)

This recycling offer is designed for consumers and includes free pick-up of used Dell-branded computers and peripheral equipment. What's really nice is that this is not tied to a replacement purchase!

Consumers entering a product identification number online will be able to print a pre-paid shipping label and schedule a home pick-up for shipping the used computer.

)Maybe Dell should change the color of its logo to green?)

You can read the complete official Dell press release here.

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