Dell Plunges into Retail: Why Oh Why?

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Dell Plunges into Retail: Why Oh Why?

Earlier this week, Dell officially opened its first U.S. retail store (can you believe it!) in its home state of Texas -- Dallas to be precise.

(No, that's not the new store in the photo; it's the corporate headquaters in Round Rock, Texas.)

Word is the new store carries Dell's high-definition TVs, desktops, notebook PCs, printers and other devices like digital cameras and MP3 players.  (So this looks more like a "digital CE lifestyle" play ...)

Del currently has 170 kiosks throughout the country and is planning to open an additional U.S. store in West Nyack, NY, later this year.

(You have to wonder why West Nyack?  It's not exactly a close suburb of NYC; would think you'd at least go for one of the many malls in New Jersey ...)

Haven't they learned from all of the other electronics companies that have gone this route? Then again, with their direct sales model, what CE retailer is going to want to stock Dell products?

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