Go Greener PCs: Consumers Willing To Pay More

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Go Greener PCs: Consumers Willing To Pay More

A "Green PC" early "Weekend Update"!

According to reports from the BBC News, PC users "want greener machines" and are  willing to pay more to have them -- up to an extra £108 ($197) for a PC containing fewer chemicals. The nine-nation research found that UK computer users were willing to pay an extra £64 ($117), while people in China were prepared for spend up to £108 ($197) for a more environmentally sound PC.

Research also shows that people also feel that manufacturers should take responsibility for the disposal of old machines.

So-called "e-waste" is a growing global problem, with 30 million PCs being dumped each year in the U.S. alone.

The study by Ipsos-Mori was done for Greenpeace.



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