Intel Adding Power (Wtih Micron) & Going Green

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Intel Adding Power (Wtih Micron) & Going Green

As the demand for energy conservation continues to grow, corporations are tailoring their products to better meet consumers' needs.

Intel underscored this trend when it unveiled 10 new Intel Core 2 Duo and Core Extreme processors earlier this week. The new processors are designed to conserve energy by more than 40 percent while simultaneously running numerous applications at faster speeds.

(Faster, better, cheaper anyone?)

Intel officials say these new processors enhance high-definition video playback, protect a PC and its assets during e-commerce transactions and offer a longer battery life.

In related news, Intel and Micron Technology jointly announced that they are working together to develop a new, more powerful flash memory chip designed to offer greater capacity for mobile devices and other consumer electronics. (This according to Newsfactor.)

The new chip technology offers 4Gb of memory, whereas the current generation of flash memory, like that which used in MP3 players, typically reaches only 1Gb.

Engineered through IM Flash Technology, a joint venture of both companies, the smaller-sized flash chips could provide more memory for storing more songs on portable music devices or more pictures in a camera phone.

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