Is That 6 Gigs in Your Pocket ...

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Is That 6 Gigs in Your Pocket ...

I'm big on storage -- never can have too much, you know!

Having battled the too-much-data-on-too-small-capacity-media syndrome for what seems like centuries (20th and 21st), I think I've finally found just what I'm looking for in a storage device -- small size, big capacity (and how about a great form factor and compact size!).

Seagate's USB 2.0 Pocket Hard Drive safely stores all of my large files, MP3s, photos, videos and games — in a palm-sized drive that can fit inside my pocket. The Seagate 6GB Pocket Drive is available on Amazon for less than $49 and the Seagate 8GB Pocket Drive is available for less than $139.

The sleek, round shell can take a licking and keeping on ticking (thanks Timex!) so I don't need to worry about my data -- but is that really possible not to worry at least a little bit?

Hot swappable and powered by the USB bus, this eliminates the need for power cords or adapters.

The details:

  • 6GB and 8GB capacities (latter stores 133 hours of digital music, 2,560 digital photos or 8 hours of digital video )
  • Rugged design
  • Secure Zone software for simple password protection
  • No power cords or adaptors required — powered by the USB bus

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