Minuteman Aims for UPS Comeback in 2009

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Minuteman Aims for UPS Comeback in 2009

minuteman-logo.jpgI met with Bill Allen, Director of Marketing for Para Systems, Inc. at ITEXPO and he was very high on the prospects for Minuteman UPS products for 2009. Although Minuteman isn't as large as APC, they make very good products. He mentioned that Minuteman UPS products have new extended run-time battery packs that are "battery packs on steroids." He pointed out that competitors offer extended run-time battery packs, but they didn't seem to focusing on them and he said Minuteman's extended battery packs have longer runtimes.

He also boasted that Minuteman battery packs and the UPS itself both some with a 3 year warranty. No other UPS manufacturer offers a 3 year warranty on their batteries and always had the longest warranty.

Cost is also an important consideration when choosing a UPS. Bill mentioned that Minuteman UPS products are 10, 20, or even 30% less expensive than APC, Tripp Lite or other competitors and they have better runtimes to boot.  He pointed me to a good comparison link here: http://minutemanups.com/products/exlcomp.php

Their ITEXPO Minuteman booth uses lights to demonstrate what happens when power is slowly reduced to similate a drop in power. As the power is reduced, the lights dim, until the UPS kicks in and gives a power boost causing the lights to brighten again.

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