PowerSquid's Got the Power Protection!

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PowerSquid's Got the Power Protection!

Flexity has put a whole new spin (and look!) on one of the essential "back office" elements of personal computing -- the lowly surge protector.

(Is there anything more utilitarian than that?)

Yes, believe it or not, that dull black or white (or even gray) strip of metal, some outlets and an electrical cable with plug has undergone a dramatic transformation.

(Dare I say almost of Cinderella proportions?)

Take a look at the award-winning PowerSquid surge protector in the photo (the Surge 3000-Calamari edition); have you ever seen anything like it? (Except maybe in the water ...)

The Surge 3000-Calamari Edition’s graceful cephalopod (that's fancy for "squid") design and stylish blue-on-white highlights really make this squid-like (especially once you feel those "legs"). Obvioiusly it looks cool with Apple Mac products, but even my Dell looks a bit spiffier with this thing.

(Am sure it would do the same for you.)

Oh, and don't think this is all design and no guts; it comes fully loaded with a feature set that includes:

  • 3240 Joule rating
  • Six flexible outlets
  • Two glowing neon tentacles
  • Audible alarm
  • Tripwire Fail-Safe Circuit
  • Flat profile fit 360° rotating swivel plug
  • 8 foot cord
  • $500,000 limited connected equipment warranty

MSRP: $79.95


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