Time for a Netbook?

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Time for a Netbook?

200px-aspire one Guang_Hua_Digital_Plaza_Launch_Acer_Aspire_One.jpgSmall is cool, and smaller is even better!

No doubt inspired by the drive to create the $100 laptop, netbooks (teeny, tiny laptops) have been coming on strong.

The Aspire One (photo at left) and the Eee PC 1000 are popular options. This is a HOT segment right now.

And you're right that the little Atom chip from Intel is awesome.

At 2W max power consumption (compared to something like 35W for a Core 2 Duo laptop chip), with a big 6-cell battery, you can easily get five or six hours of battery life. 

Read a lot more about this at The Dawn of Atom.

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