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Vernbatim U3 Store 'n' Go

It may seem like a while ago that I blogged about the groovy new U3 technology -- the evolution of the USB drive -- but it was only last week!

This time, let's taka a look at an actual product -- Verbatim's 1GB Store ‘n’ Go U3 Smart Drive, the newest member of its award-winning family of Store ‘n’ Go USB drives.

Just the size of a pack of gum, the U3 smart drive offers a new mobile computing platform that allows you to carry smart software applications, PC settings, files and personal preferences wherever you go and to access them on any Windows XP or 2000 PC via any open USB port.

Verbatim’s Smart Drive adds a nice personal twist by including an app called U3 Launchpad, an intuitive interface that makes accessing U3 smart software and device features fast and easy. An extensive library of U3 smart applications ranging from backup, email and photo organizers to music players and graphics applications can be downloaded from as well as directly from the Store ‘n’ Go U3 Launchpad.

Verbatim also includes McAfee antivirus protection.

Street Price: $99.00

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