What's 1 Better Than U2: Why U3, Of Course!

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What's 1 Better Than U2: Why U3, Of Course!

Remember when computers had floppy drives?

Well, yes, some still do, but the generation of CDs and then USB storage devices has made them largely obsolete.

Now, the ubiquitous USB flash drive has undergone the latest step in its evolution -- transforming into the U3 smart drive. It doesn't look any different than what we've come to expect from this tiny little wonder, but it's what's inside that makes them smart:

  • Carry and access your files easily (OK, that's not new)
  • Keep your data safe and secure (Yes, but how so?)
  • Comes with pre-loaded software (Now, that's interesting)
  • Hundreds of software titles available (What?)

Backed by flash drive manufacturers SanDisk and msystems (and now supported by many other companies), U3 is an innovative “smart” drive platform that transforms the traditional, data-storing USB flash drives into tiny, little personal computers. (How so?)

Now, with U3, users have the ability to load their U3 smart drives with popular Windows applications, personal preferences, computer settings and files. U3 smart drives provide businesses and consumers alike with a convenient, portable, personalized computing solution.

Now, how about this? U3 has OpenOffice and ThinkFree Office presentation programs, which are compatible with PowerPoint so I can save a PowerPoint file on a U3 smart drive, open and edit it using the ThinkFree Office presentation program and then reopen it in PowerPoint once it's back on a computer with Microsoft Office.

How about ease of use? Using a U3 smart drive is simple. You simply plug it into any PC’s USB port to access personalized e-mail programs, Web browsers, productivity tools, antivirus programs, multimedia applications, music and games. (Like I said, hundreds of downloadable apps.)

When you unplug the U3 smart drive from the computer, you take your personal information with you -- safe and secure.

And talk about security -- you can password protect the entire drive so if it's ever lost or stolen, the data inside stays inside. (Sort of like that Las Vegas saying, eh?)

(And remember when headlines to stories made sense? )


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